Sunday, December 21, 2008

~r0ck da w0rld 8@secret garden, stadium merdeka...~

started at 12 noon my dear.... kekdahnyerr matahari tgh terpacak kat ats langet... it was damn hot... I'm not one of those who known all of those indie bands that play at rtw8 but if da music was great, I will jump and have fun no matter what.... of course... there is a lot of student's coming in 2 watched their favorite band playing...

~da face pic & foot of me/raihan~

its kinda funny why they name da place secret garden.... it's not like a normal garden I would say... much worse then dat... da music was loud... in fact da security kinda good bcoz it was near 2 da Dang Wangi police station... but there is no riot or whatsoeva it is... we have 2 pay rm10 da parking near da stadium... increment when its supp
osed 2 be just rm3 in any normal day then... but we've not complained dat much bcoz those who parked at da side of da road get a "love letter" from da police itself.... hamek ngko kene saman....

this is kinda an embarrassing story 2 tell.... we actually didn't know how 2 get there... 2 stadium merdeka.... hahahha... 2 ppl who lived in kl 4 their entire life didn't know how 2 get there... just try ur luck biatch... we arrive actually after going back & forth thru kl though... me & raihan stayed from 12pm to 11pm I guess... we've left after one buck short performing.... missed da performance by butterfingers then....

da ticket itself is priced at rm25 and I think dats not bad for a line up of da band..... 1000 ppl will get a free t-shirt.... I wished if next year they did it again... da organiser would pick a better place such as at Stadium Bt. Jalil... apparently with JomHeboh & AUG consecutively held there myb they have 2 picked up another venue then.... I saw my junior there, my fellow matriculation dat I know by faces only & of course da girl with a new haircut.... kak nieq...

below I listed out a line-up of band that played on that day....
One Buck Short

The Times



Republic Of Brickfields


Koffin Kanser

Zip Zieller

The Otherside Orchestra

They Will Kill Us All

Upon Arrival


rock da world 8 college band search:
harvesting space sounds
static emily
sharp shooter
out to bed

dance to the radio

I hope next year da organizer would organized it at a better venue, can brings drink at least bcoz da hawker sold at higher prices for their f&b then....

~me, raihan & me0r~


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mEntEgA tErbAng said...

taw xpe~
rahsie kebun sgt!~
venua agak x sesuai~
abeh kasut + jeans kotor~

next year~
xde sesat2 da~
fening ngan jln kl kekdahnye~
n tshirt free 2~
dlm gengaman ogeh!~