Wednesday, January 7, 2009

~al0ne.. l0nely... pathetic... is it????~

while i was riding my motorbike for a dinner yesterday, i asked myself this kind of question... can u live alone as if it is by ur ownself without frens then???... i always do that u know... wandering alone while going somewhere... thnx God i never get involved in any accident.... but going back 2 da title of da post i come 2 da conclusion dat it can be DONE!!!

people always do things with their frens most of da times then.... but what if I tried 2 do everything just by myself then?? watching movies, shopping and etc just by myself... somehow ppl will perceived me as a lonely guy who didn't like 2 socialize with other ppl... myb they would say i'm such a pathetic guy & perhaps needed a little cheered up...

the way I see it, it doesn't have 2 be dat way... i dunno... myb ppl would called me SELFISH but that's the truth abt it.... u want 2 be happy... and ppl always want 2 be happy with someone else around... u can't never satisfied everyone.... for me this word is just an excuse & full of bull.... u as urself cannot satisfied ur ownself & how on earth u would do dat 2 everyone around u???

yeah it can get lonely sometimes not having someone around.... but in da end u will get used 2 it & living ur life they way u want it 2 be.... being alone & happy is da goal that i would like 2 achieve in this so-called life experiments (tawler bdk biotech... propah ajer kate suke experiment vagai....) am i being so depressive??? i dunno... (kekdahnyerr kene amek ubat anti-depressant ler pasni).. whatever it is dats the truth abt it... when we died also we face the same thing... dying alone then... its just the matter of how do u look at it...

ps: my life is not pathetic & i'm happy being a loner... hikss...


huda.nasir said...

loner is is such a harsh word taw
the way i look at it -- INDEPENDENT

so nothing to be ashamed of kot
i used to think that im a loner
tp tu dlu la kan
zaman remaja2 mmg agak pathetic pale otak

cool ape jalan sorg2
tgk wayang sorg2
cool gile oke..

Husnibaby:My Emancipation said...

i always do things myself i mean..and i enjoy it so much some times..but, with good friends around, it's a wud keep our sanity in place that it shud be..hehehe

Carynn Josue said...

hey sayang, one thing I learnt from being alone: I see thing clearly that we didn't realise passing though our everyday life and learn to be independent.