Thursday, January 1, 2009

"YippIe New Year 2009"

started a new year with a new resolution.... i rarely put anything up for line.... but 1 thing 4 sure dat i would do for this new year would be decreasing my anger... i should go 2 dat class of anger management... it just give me a headache & sure a lot of pain after that... hopefully this year would give more happiness & i dun mind going through it patiently.... life is sure full of surprises.... i just don't want 2 miss a single detail of it....

1 comment:

huda.nasir said...

aku kot yg kne enroll itu klas anger management.

moh le kite join same2.

mane tau ade die wat kelas lepaskan marah kat patung muke cam pencuri hp ke kan..