Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Britney Bi**h ~ Circus album...

Song Tracks:-
1. Womanizer
2. Circus
3. Out From Under
4. Kill The Lights
5. Shattered Glass
6. If U Seek Amy
7. Unusual You
8. Blur
9. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace and Leather
12. My Baby
13. Radar
14. Rock Me In (Bonus Track)
15. Phonography (Bonus Track)
16. Amnesia (Bonus Track)

she's definitely bounce back after the rocky year of insanity... i dunno why the paparazzi loves 2 bothered her so much on everything's that she do in her daily life...

that's the prize U have 2 pay when u've become famous amos then...

talking abt dis circus thingy things.... yeah this album actually leaked online before the day of the released itself.... (i'm da one who downloaded the album earlier also...).. sorry Brit's... still loves u a lot but didn't have enuff money 2 buy ur album then....

she's experimenting more in this album and my personal liking would be "Circus"......

evrybody keep telling that the Blackout album is much better than this production.....

it's kinda true in some ways bcoz da song in previous album is much more edgier than da new one... (clubbing-lovin songs...)

I love her 4 singing slow ballad songs 2 balanced this album so it doesn't full with dance type of music in it....

kudos 4 Britney 2 raised back from all da probs dat she have like phoenix rising from the ashes (skali lagu M. Nasir daa masuk cni...)

for you my beloved reader, enjoyed this Circus video from Britney.....

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